Hannah Senesh Reviews!

“Alone on the stage for the 85-minute-long play, Rabadi's performance requires prodigious feats of memory plus great energy and physical stamina. These she has in abundance along with a remarkably beautiful singing voice.” - Downtown Post 8/9/19

[Lexi] was able to connect to the charismatic and committed Hannah so authentically that the audience takes her into their hearts from the moment the play begins.” - Jewish Link 8/8/19
Folksbiene’s 104th Season Off to a Magnificent Start With ‘Hannah Senesh’

“This is a play to salute…Rabadi throws herself into the role full-throttle…She also sings in the play, and has the voice of an angel.” - Algemeiner 8/6/19
A New Play Tells the Amazing Story of Hannah Senesh

“Lexi Rabadi makes an outstanding off-Broadway debut as Hannah Senesh…The entire play is essentially a monologue and Ms. Rabadi completely captures the stage and our hearts. The core defiance and pride within Hannah's soul is laid bare.” - Broadway World 7/29/19
Spiritual Resistance in the rewarding HANNAH SENESH at National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene

“A marvelous young actress named Lexi Rabadi commands the stage with just her presence and a few simple props for a full 90 minutes. It is a full workout performance that, if there’s any justice in the world, will greatly advance her career.” - Times of Israel 7/29/19
Spy/poet Hannah Senesh brought back to life in one-woman show in New York

“This is a story to be told and retold….Hannah is movingly portrayed by the radiant Lexi Rabadi…I was deeply moved by the performance of this young actress.” - David Rothenberg 7/29/19
WBAI-NYC’s David Rothenberg Reviews ‘Hannah Senesh’

"The show’s star, Lexi Rabadi, illuminates Hannah’s light with a stellar light of her own. This gifted actress, with boundless talent and energy, is destined to become a star in her own right. Her performance, like the play itself, is an unforgettable, must-see experience." - Acclaimed author Meish Goldish 7/28/19

Lexi Rabadi