Hannah Senesh Reviews!

“Alone on the stage for the 85-minute-long play, Rabadi's performance requires prodigious feats of memory plus great energy and physical stamina. These she has in abundance along with a remarkably beautiful singing voice.” - Downtown Post 8/9/19

[Lexi] was able to connect to the charismatic and committed Hannah so authentically that the audience takes her into their hearts from the moment the play begins.” - Jewish Link 8/8/19
Folksbiene’s 104th Season Off to a Magnificent Start With ‘Hannah Senesh’

“This is a play to salute…Rabadi throws herself into the role full-throttle…She also sings in the play, and has the voice of an angel.” - Algemeiner 8/6/19
A New Play Tells the Amazing Story of Hannah Senesh

“Lexi Rabadi makes an outstanding off-Broadway debut as Hannah Senesh…The entire play is essentially a monologue and Ms. Rabadi completely captures the stage and our hearts. The core defiance and pride within Hannah's soul is laid bare.” - Broadway World 7/29/19
Spiritual Resistance in the rewarding HANNAH SENESH at National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene

“A marvelous young actress named Lexi Rabadi commands the stage with just her presence and a few simple props for a full 90 minutes. It is a full workout performance that, if there’s any justice in the world, will greatly advance her career.” - Times of Israel 7/29/19
Spy/poet Hannah Senesh brought back to life in one-woman show in New York

“This is a story to be told and retold….Hannah is movingly portrayed by the radiant Lexi Rabadi…I was deeply moved by the performance of this young actress.” - David Rothenberg 7/29/19
WBAI-NYC’s David Rothenberg Reviews ‘Hannah Senesh’

"The show’s star, Lexi Rabadi, illuminates Hannah’s light with a stellar light of her own. This gifted actress, with boundless talent and energy, is destined to become a star in her own right. Her performance, like the play itself, is an unforgettable, must-see experience." - Acclaimed author Meish Goldish 7/28/19

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Lexi Rabadi
Hannah Senesh Press!

Lexi has had the honor to talk about this amazing piece with several publications. Check out the articles and interviews here!

WNBC News Channel 4
An interview with Lexi Rabadi by Gus Rosendale

An interview with Lexi Rabadi by Jeff Simmons

’What Helps Lexi Rabadi Bring the Unknown Story of a World War II Hero to Life in Hannah Senesh’

WNYC Radio's 'All of It'
'Hannah Senesh' - An interview with Lexi Rabadi

Jewish Week
‘To Step Into Hannah Senesh’s Shoes’

The Forward
Q&A: Lexi Rabadi On Bringing Hannah Senesh To Life

Visible Soul Blog- Interview with Lexi Rabadi by Zack Calhoon
People You Should Know-- Lexi Rabadi

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Lexi Rabadi
Hannah Senesh with NYTF Off-Broadway

Lexi is thrilled to be making her Off-Broadway debut this summer in a Drama Desk Award nominated, one-woman play with music! She will have the honor to reverently tell the true story of Hannah Senesh, the heroic young Jewish woman who escaped from Axis-allied Hungary in 1939 to the safety of British Mandate Palestine. There she bravely volunteered for a daring Special Operations mission to parachute back into Europe to save Jews from the approaching Holocaust. Hannah's story and indomitable spirit serve as an enduring inspiration to people everywhere standing up to the powers of hatred and oppression. Hannah Senesh, written and directed by David Schechter and produced with the National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene, will tell her story through her real diary entries and poetry, occasionally set to music composed by Steven Lutvak. For more information and tickets click here!

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Lexi Rabadi
The Glass Menagerie at the Fulton

Laura Wingfield was the definition of a dream role for Lexi since studying Tennessee Williams in school. “Grateful” feels like an understatement for this particular artistic experience!

“The most entertaining Glass Menagerie I have ever seen.” - Lancaster Online

“Rabadi gives a delicate yet loving performance as Laura… The innocence and heart Rabadi brings to this acclaimed part grounds the production in a clear sense of humanity… The soul this actress breathes into this performance is beautiful and quietly heartbreaking.” - The Snapper

Photo by Kinectiv

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Lexi Rabadi
Beauty and the Beast at MSMT

Lexi has completed her second run as Belle in Beauty and the Beast, this time in beautiful Brunswick, Maine with MSMT!

“Rabadi is a breath of fresh air as Belle, capturing both her willful spirit and pure heart. Her gorgeous vocals truly live up to her character’s name, soaring high and free.” - The Press Herald

“Lexi Rabadi has an energy and vibrancy that make Belle undauntable; she exudes individuality and confidence, bravery, and determination, all the while radiating an inner beauty of spirit that ultimately proves transformative. Vocally, she brings a bright, youthful soprano capable of nuance and palpable emotion, and she lights up the stage in every one of her scenes.” - Broadway World

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Lexi Rabadi
Beauty and the Beast at the Fulton

Lexi was honored to receive the Broadway World Award for Best Actress in a Musical in Pennsylvania for her portrayal of Belle at The Fulton. It was an absolutely life changing experience to say the least.

“The opening night audience gasped multiple times at the set and costumes, as well they should have. If a Disney fairy tale has ever come to complete life on stage, it is here.” - Broadway World

“The Belle of this production is Lexi Rabadi who manages to have a vocal capacity of two to three times her physical size. It's not just microphones, it's her, and she puts that voice to excellent use.” - Broadway World

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Lexi Rabadi